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Culture day in Raasepori
Morning coffee/tea & sandwich at Café Schjerfbeck
Visit to Villa Skeppet
Fiskars museum. Raasepori museum
Full-day tour guide
One-day culture visit in Raasepori 87€/person.

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The Old Town of Ekenäs (Tammisaari)

We would like you to be able to enjoy the charms of the old wooden houses during a guided tour on foot in the old parts of Ekenäs, to feel the scent of the sea, to listen to the stories of the old houses, to stop at the ringing of the church bells…
The tour may be connected to a tour by coach, during which you can get information about the modern town: our industry, the military prescence, livelihood etc.

The Industrial Villages of Fiskars and Billnäs

Get acquainted to the old industrial villages either by foot or by coach with the help of a tourist guide. Listen to the history of the iron works, hte manufacturing of knives, the stories of the millowners, and the new kind of life that is starting just now. Enjoy a slow shopping walk. Be inspired by the works of the artists and artesans near by the waterfall.

Dagmar Park

It is possible to make a visit to Dagmar Park, which has been restored by the Fiskars company. The park was given to our country by Fiskars in recognition of Finland’s centenary celebrations in 2017. Enjoy the beautiful nature, the history of the park and the spring and its good water. During our trip you may hear stories about royal visits from Russia in the late 19th century. The Crimean war is also on the agenda here. You may access the park both by boat or by road.












Follow the Footsteps of the Painter Helene Schjerfbeck

Helene Schjerfbeck lived in Ekenäs from the 1920s to the 1940s. It is possible to take part of her life in a guided tour which will show you her art, and the places that inspired her. You can listen to ”her own” story during a trip back in time…

The Garden City of Karis (Karjaa)

A coach tour in Karis will show you the charms of the small detached houses. The architect Hilding Ekelund has had a great influence on the planning of the city and its buildings. The history of Finnish railroads and industry will be presented. The medieval church is interesting together with the nearby river and its beautiful surroundings. A walk to the Lake Läppträsket (Lepinjärvi) may be included in your tour. Archeology and birdwatching are on the agenda.

Raseborg Archipelago and Ekenäs National Park

In the archipelago, which consists of more than 1300 islands, you can enjoy a relaxing summer’s day during one of our guided tours. You will get a chance to experience wild nature just by watching an osprey or a white-tailed eagle hovering above the boat – or perhaps you will be able to spot a seal! During the trip we can go ashore at Jussarö or Rödjan. Enjoy the environment and the stories told by the guide about life in the archipelago, and about the nature, history and present day from the inner part of the archipelago to the open sea.








The Castle of Raseborg

The most prominent building in our region is the Castle of Raseborg, built in the year 1374 by Bo Jonsson Grip. It’s interesting to climb the stairs of the castle and listen to the stories told by a tourist guide about the life in the castle during the 14th and 15th centuries.


A tour of the churches in Raseborg

It’s possible to visit all the medieval churches of Raseborg on a coach tour. You can choose your own starting point for the tour depending on from where you arrive at Raseborg. There are medieval churches in Karis (Karjaa), Tenala (Tenhola) and Pojo (Pohja), which all are worth visting because of their importance in Finnish, regional and local history. There are also interesting churches in Snappertuna and Ekenäs.

Sightseeings & tours

The tourist guides of Raseborg (Raasepori in Finnish) will take you on a tour of the town either by coach or by foot depending on your preferences and the kind of tour you would like to take part in. For groups taylor made tours may be planned according to your wishes. Here are just a few examples of what we can offer you.