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The town of Raseborg is situated midway between Helsinki and Turku, and is easily reached by car, bus or train. Raseborg consists of an archipelago of 1,300 islands, a countryside, with a number of wellmaintained farms and woodlands, and some ironworks, not to mention the charming atmosphere of Ekenäs Old Town.

A visit to the three most important ironworks will give you unique experiences. Fiskars is widely known as a centre of art and design. The Manor of Svartå is very important in Finnish history and at Billnäs you can attend a number of different cultural activities. The medieval castle, which has given the town its name, is the most prominent sight in the whole region. Come for a one-day trip or stay even longer!

The inhabitants of Raseborg (about 28,800) speak Swedish and Finnish, but are also able to communicate well in English. You will get a better understanding of life in Raseborg if you use a trained tourist guide during your visit.

We have made a contract with Visit Southpoint Finland in order to give you an opportunity to get a tailor made programme for example for a whole day's visit to or an overnight stay in our region. Contact information: e-mail: mats@gronblom.com, phone +358 400 539 238, home page: www.visitsouthpointfinland.fi.

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Photos: The Tourist Office of Raseborg (Eva Tordera-Nuño), Fiskars Village Info (Fotofabriken), Matti Piirainen, Göran Fagerstedt, Kjell Svenskberg and Johan Ljungqvist - multifoto.fi (banner picture).

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